Korea Optical EyeglassesModern eyeglasses, one of the greatest medical and optical advances of humankind, has served many purposes over the years and in different societies, including corrective, therapeutic, and purely cosmetic.

The ancient Romans were the first to have a written record of early eyeglasses, more precisely the use of optical lenses as magnifying glasses to help people read. The infamous Emperor Nero, for instance, allegedly used an emerald lens as a magnifying glass to better see the gladiator games. Optical physics as a science was developed by the medieval Arabs, and equipped with this knowledge, the 12th-century Italians discovered the use of convex and concave lenses to correct both near- and farsightedness.

Contemporary eyeglasses are no longer cumbersome and uncomfortable, and thanks to the ultra-modern production technology and materials, they are much more resistant and last longer. Eyeglasses are still by far the most widely used form of prescription eyewear, despite the more recent invention of the contact lens and of laser eye surgery.

Besides the corrective and therapeutic use of prescription eyeglasses, they are also very prominent in the world of fashion, and many people like wearing non-prescription designer eyeglasses and sunglasses for purely cosmetic reasons. Eyeglasses have also had a distinct effect in different segments of society, and may for some people convey an image of the wearer as more intelligent, an intellectual, or–particularly in some younger circles–a “nerd” or a “geek.”

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